Brain Abundance – The Most Nutritional Brain Supplement On The Planet

Brain Abundance and What It Is

Brain Abundance provides the right platform through its brain health product range for working professionals looking to start a venture on their own. It provides the right platform through its brain health product range and with its amazing product. This is a new MLM opportunity that provides an excellent opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to associate with Brain Nutrition products. One of the co-founders of the company Dr. Pejman Behrouzi is a neuromuscoloskeletal specialist having many years of experience in providing treatment to nervous problem based on the whole body approach and providing importance to brain health. D.Behrouzi is also the chief scientific officer of the company helping the company to come out with path breaking brain health supplements such as Brain Fuel Plus which is the product inside of Brain Abundance.

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Brain Health and Nutrition Supplement inside of Brain Abundance

By associating with Brain abundance as an independent distributor, one gets the opportunity to spread messages regarding the importance of Brain Health and the role played by brain health supplements in enhancing the capabilities of the Brain. The main product is Brain Fuel Plus. This Brain supplement is the only product available in the health and wellness marketplace that combines thirteen powerful ingredients capable of helping brain to reach its maximum performance levels. Brain Fuel Plus is extremely suitable for people with poor concentration levels and those with anxiety, depression and memory loss problems. A team of medical experts in neurology, nutrition and medical science worked with the company’s Chief medical officer to come out with Brain Fuel plus after several months of research and development work before applying this product inside of Brain Abundance.

Main Ingredients of the Brain Abundance product

Brain Fuel Plus that comes in the form a capsule is made out of the following ingredients

1. L-Glutamine

This is usually considered as the brain fuel capable of increasing the brain energy levels which is one of our main focus’s in Brain Abundance. This is a type of Amino acid that comes with several positive mental health properties including promoting mental alertness, improving mood and memory and binging down anxiety levels.

2. Folic Acid

This ingredient is a type of vitamin responsible for improving the brain cognitive levels, which would ultimately result in improved brain processing speed and enhanced memory levels.

3. Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed Extracts are rich in anti-oxidants and provide many benefits including preventing the formation of plaque in arteries and improving the mental alertness. It also plays a vital role in regulating the neuro transmitters that takes the brain signals to the different parts of the body.

4. Astaxanthin

This is one of the most powerful anti oxidants and has the capability to break the brain blood barrier and purify the neurotransmitters and receptors at regular intervals. By purifying the transmitters at regular intervals, brain sharpness gets improved significantly and the ability to remain calm with a clear mind even under stressful conditions gets enhanced.

5. Sensoril

This ingredient plays a vital role in calming the brain by eliminating the emotional and mental stress. It also helps in enhancing the mental focus and provides the ability to concentrate for extended periods of time.

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Compensation Plan in Brain Abundance

The Brain Abundance compensation plan is one of the most lucrative compensation plans available in the MLM industry. Some of the major features of the compensation plan are detailed below.

1. Down Line Bonuses are quite attractive providing an opportunity to earn $5 for the first level, $3 for sales made by a member at the second level and $2 for sales made at the third level

2. For each new person introduced to the Brain Abundance network, independent distributors would be able to earn anywhere between $25 and $75 based on the number of initial orders made

3. On the first order placed by each and every member in the team, the distributor owning the team would be able to earn up to $10.5 as commission.

4. Assured Monthly Accelerated Binary commissions for every member joining the two teams maintained by the distributor inside of Brain Abundance. The company to come out with path breaking brain health supplements such as Brain Fuel Plus.

As you can probably tell by now, Brain Abundance is going to be a very dominant MLM in the industry not only beacuse it has an amazing compensation plan attached to it but because of the product the company has in it as well.  This product is going to absoltuely go viral because it is a tangible product that any and everyone can use to increase their overall health and fitness.  The Brain Fuel Plus is an amazing product that everyone of all ages needs to get their hands on.  Do not hesistate to join this company. Get started with Brain Abundance today.

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